Academic Life at UW-Madison is a rewarding cross-fertilization of ideas and collaborations among students, staff and faculty. My activities as a Professor in the Department of Bacteriology include NIH-funded research on the complex immunobiological relationship between host and parasite in the fatal human disease known as African trypanosomiasis (or Human Sleeping Sickness). This research involves the mentoring of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate researchers and includes a partnership with research technicians as well as other faculty and scientists worldwide. My teaching activities include both an introductory immunology course aimed at incoming undergraduates, designed to get students interested in the evolutionary events that shaped the mammalian immune system, and an upper level graduate student course that examines the complex and detailed mechanisms employed by all microbial pathogens to subvert and evade host immunity. Additional responsibilities include departmental, college and university administrative duties, outreach to the citizens of Wisconsin, the USA and the world, editorial duties on scientific journals, and service on national/international government agencies.



The Microbial Sciences Building on the UW-Madison campus houses the Department of Bacteriology (CALS) and the Medical Microbiology and Immunology Department (SMPH). Our laboratory and offices are housed on the fourth floor and overlook beautiful Lake Mendota.

Professor John M. Mansfield, Department of Bacteriology

4470 Microbial Sciences Building, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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